Covered In Bruises But Not Sure Why? Here's What Could Be Happening.

If you’re a self-proclaimed klutz like me, then you’re all too familiar with regular bruising.

In fact, as I type this, I’m currently rocking some fashionable bruises that serve as the battle scars from my accident-prone lifestyle. With every black and blue mark, there’s a ridiculous story to match, but in some cases, I wake up with bruises that I simply can’t explain.

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I always assumed that restlessness was the cause of these unexplained marks, but according to new reports from world-renowned dermatologists, these bruises may have more to do with your skin’s genetic makeup than your clumsy behavior.

Human skin is made up of several layers of collagen, and these layers serve as padding against blunt-force trauma.


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According to dermatologist Dr. Joel Cohen, we become more susceptible to bruising when our skin has less collagen.


A bruise occurs when blood vessels in the skin break, causing blood to flood the surrounding tissue.


Women typically have thinner layers of collagen than men. Estrogen can also weaken blood cells. Both of these can make women vulnerable to unexplained bruising.

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Fattier skin also allows blood cells to move about more freely, increasing the possibility of vessel breakage.


Bruising can also differentiate because of a person’s body mass. A woman is more likely to store fat in her thighs and hips, while a man accumulates fat cells above the belt.


This brings us to another point. The lighter the bruise, the less serious the injury.


Darker bruising is much more serious and may require medical attention.


(via Vice)

What a relief to learn that I’m not beating myself up in my sleep. I can’t help my random bruising. If you’re like me and you’re a big ol’ bag of bruises, just remember one thing:

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