Don’t say we didn’t warn you. If blood and guts make you feel faint, turn back now. Here’s a link to something nice and cute.

Okay, now that only the stronger readers remain, it’s time to look at some of the goriest special effects makeup we’ve ever seen — just in time for Halloween, too.

This is the work of Australian makeup artist Marc Clancy, who goes by powdah on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

If you can think of a grievous injury, Clancy can recreate it with his bag of makeup tricks.

(No, this isn’t Photoshopped.)

His work is so disturbingly realistic that he actually includes a disclaimer on his Instagram which states that it’s all just makeup!

That doesn’t mean that his work won’t make you shudder.

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The hand injuries are somehow worse than the facial ones.

Of course, it helps with the gross-out factor when you see how cleverly these special effects are put together.

Clancy uses prosthetics to make it seem as if the skin really is open, showing all the gory stuff underneath.

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Like, really gory stuff.

(via Ufunk)

Since Halloween is approaching, you might find yourself feeling the urge to recreate some of these looks. And if you do, you’re in luck. Check out Clancy’s YouTube channel for full tutorials on how to do this yourself and permanently traumatize the children in your neighborhood. Be sure to follow him on Instagram for a daily dose of yuck.

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