Joe Buck slammed on Twitter!/bullitt6454/status/188719360800591873

As the first baseball Saturday of the year unfolds, FOX Sports announcer Joe Buck prepares to call the Boston Red Sox vs. the Detroit Tigers. Some baseball fans do not relish the opportunity to hear Buck throughout the 2012 season.

I was ready to watch some baseball and then Fox said, "Now let's take it to Joe Buck at Comerica Park!"… -__- Not so enthused.

— Travis Tubbs (@tgtubbs) April 7, 2012!/lv_theTHIRD/status/188718843219283968

Dear Joe buck, I hate your face!!

— Lilurd J (@LilurdJ) April 7, 2012

man i forgot how much i can't stand joe buck's broadcast of red sox games. he is such a yankee fan

— Rymaster (@TheRymaster) April 7, 2012

Craig James vs. Joe Buck for worst announcer award!

— Jordan Light (@Jordan_Light) April 7, 2012

I'll never understand how Joe Buck is Fox's lead announcer for NFL & MLB. Never met anybody that likes him. #redsox #tigers

— Richard Slate (@RichSlate) April 7, 2012

Joe Buck has way too much makeup on. Not that there is ever an acceptable amount of makeup for a man to wear. #ManRule

— J.J. Rodriguez (@ActofRod) April 7, 2012

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