Left calls for boycott of Revlon after CEO hosts Romney fundraiser


Looks like the Soros monkeys at Media Matters have their next boycott project.

After Revlon chairman and chief executive Ronald O. Perelman hosted a Romney fundraiser at his East Hampton home Sunday, progressives are calling for a boycott of all Revlon products.

Never mind that Revlon raises tens of millions for cancer research and sponsors numerous charitable efforts, including a mobile mammography unit. Never mind that Perelman has dedicated his life to medical philanthropy.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the EIF Revlon Run Walk for Women in NYC on May 5th. See pictures: http://t.co/1LDvvVnM.

— Ronald O. Perelman (@ronaldoperelman) May 6, 2012

Posted: Holly S. Andersen, M.D., of The Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute, gives an overview of services there: http://t.co/RXJ3Mrp3

— Ronald O. Perelman (@ronaldoperelman) February 10, 2012

Apollo Theater benefit event raised $1.5 million. Thanks to all who attended and performed. http://t.co/R49y64E @revlon

— Ronald O. Perelman (@ronaldoperelman) August 23, 2011

Screw the sick! Screw the poor! Because, Romney!

@revlon Your owner Ronald Perelman held a high-dollar event for Mitt Romney. Please note I will NOT be buying anything from Revlon EVER!!

— AAmom (@AVD911) July 9, 2012

High-dollar fundraisers? Like the $40,000 per plate fundraiser where Obama bemoaned all the people “hurting out there”?

#Revlon @Revlon hates the 99%: http://t.co/YYeHIqV7

— Melanie (@MelanieKV) July 9, 2012

Yes, clearly Revlon’s philanthropic projects are all about the 1 percent.


Aw, so sorry boycotting is hard work. Wouldn’t want to put yourself out.

Oh NO… REVLON supports Romney. Well, guess I have to see if I have any of their products in my makeup bag. Cause it's trash time!

— Linda Husser (@LindaHusser) July 9, 2012

Revlon hosting Romney Hampton mega buck party today. Tell our kids to boycott #Revlon @NaomiKlein @JoanWalsh @DemocracyNow! @Anyone?

— Melanie (@MelanieKV) July 9, 2012

Black Listed: I use Revlon products – but not anymore as they are pushing their billionaire ways on elections by backing #Romney. #p2

— Watchdog Progressive (@Watchdogsniffer) July 8, 2012

Like Revlon? Then you are supporting Mitt Romney. Ron Perelman just hosted a crazy republican fundraiser this weekend.

— Notorious B.A.E. (@shannboogie) July 8, 2012

@theonlyadult @revlon I will certainly boycott Revlon after hearing about their lovefest with Romney. No more Revlon, no more Revlon.

— mummylal (@mummylal) July 9, 2012

Supporting candidates that want to take away #womensRights? Never picking up a @Revlon product again! http://t.co/LWPtPonv #RevlonUgly

— Thunder Maker (@thunder_maker) July 9, 2012

Maybe they can join forces with the Boycott Israel Campaign.

Progs have their work cut out for them if they want to silence Romney by attacking his donors.

Romney camp: 536,729 Donations Received Under $250 In June

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) July 9, 2012

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