MSNBC viewers horrified by Mika Brzezinski’s ‘Pepto addict’ lipstick [pic]!/NolteNC/status/446971002006683648

Judging by this picture, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski might want to try a little harder to stay on the good side of the “Morning Joe” makeup team.!/UriBlago/status/446972056672825344

Anyone want to let Mika know how that Day-Glo lipstick looks on at least some TVs? Yes:!/Sttbs73/status/446970435750465536!/KingOfPontus/status/446972241184448512!/90PctVegan/status/446972594168688640!/JuliBunting/status/446972629614751745

Lipstick message received and retweeted by Mika:!/morningmika/status/446971287907610624

But her makeup isn’t the only thing Brzezinski might want to rethink.!/MrJames33/status/446971684319277056

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