This Public Torture Made Me Sick. But The Reason Why They're Doing It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks.

LUSH is a global cosmetic company with a focus on using natural, organic products that are good for both their customers and the environment. Not only that, but they are rabidly against using animal testing in the cosmetic industry. Recently, they launched a campaign that was meant to educate consumers on the horrors of animal testing. What you’re going to see is shocking, but it definitely got the message across.

“Live Human Testing” was set up in LUSH’s Regent Street shop window in London.

For 10 hours, performance artist Jacqueline Traide endured “testing.”

Jacqui represented an animal test subject for the cosmetics industry.

It was all a performance and she suffered no real pain…

But the message was clear.

This protest of animal testing was meant to spark public debate.

LUSH wants people to realize how cruel and archaic animal testing is.

It’s hard to ignore the brutal images in this campaign.

The reception of the campaign was mostly positive, but some people protested the use of a female “victim.” Some argued that she was overtly sexual or represented a rape victim. LUSH responded:

We felt it was important, strong, well and thoroughly considered that the test subject was a woman. This is important within the context of Lush’s wider Fighting Animal Testing campaign, which challenges consumers of cosmetics (a female market) to feel, to think and to demand that the cosmetics industry is animal-cruelty free.

I didn’t realize this kind of animal cruelty still existed.


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