What's Going On In Bangladesh Is Not Okay. This Makes Me Physically Sick.

Behind brothel walls in Bangladesh sit little girls, waiting to be sexually abused just so they can make enough money to feed themselves or be fed by their pimps. Disgusting child prostitution is common in a place like the slums, where young teens sell their bodies to men. Children as young as 11 act as prostitutes in this male dominated society. What you’re about to see will sicken you.

Hashi is only 17 years-old, but she spends every day of her life selling her body. She earns about 800-1000 taka daily ($9.75 – $12.19) and must sleep with 15-20 strange men every day.

Teenage sex slaves are extremely common in areas like this. Hashi is seen here holding Oradexon, a steroid the girls are given to fatten them up and make them look healthier than what they are. Farmers give this drug to cattle.

Some girls like 11 year-old Shefali were born in brothels. Her mother was a prostitute and she was raised to be one herself.

Lucky is only 19, but the life of a prostitute is the only one she has ever known. She has a three month-old son.

No one can understand what these children have to endure.

Another girl puts on makeup in front of a man she’s to have sex with at Kandapara brothel.

Maya waits for a new client as Hashi seduces her own.

Hashi deals with a new man outside of the brothel.

Then, she finally takes him inside.

These girls didn’t get a childhood.

They have faced horrors we can’t even dream of.

Their living conditions in the slums are appalling.

Rooms are small and dirty.

There is a communal bathroom suspended over a nearby river.

Maya talks on the phone inside her small room at the brothel.

Hashi washes herself in the outside shower.

Children are raised by other children in this toxic environment.

This toxic sex slavery makes us sick to our stomachs. Share this to raise awareness, so it can stop.


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