Who wants to oil The Rock’s pecs?


His makeup artist doesn’t look to into it. Do we have any volunteers? Ladies?

@TheRock I'm jealous of Ed! Haha.

— Cassandra Kelly (@CassandraVKelly) April 27, 2012

@TheRock I volunteer to help out. I could be your dedicated pec oiler! Whaddaya say? Too creepy? [Have to ask @rurugby first]

— Lanna Lee Maheux (@lannalee) April 27, 2012

@TheRock I will gladly trade places with Ed…

— Emily Pogany (@Emily_Pogany) April 27, 2012

@TheRock ill take his job ha ha

— Miranda (@mirlee1) April 27, 2012

@TheRock legit you don't even need to pay me to be that person. #iwouldntmind #notevenabit

— J. (@jldillon01) April 27, 2012


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