You've Never Seen Disney Princesses Quite Like This, But You'll Love It

Have you ever wondered what happened after “happily ever after” in your favorite Disney movies? This artist reimagined everyone’s favorite princesses as moms, and the result is stunning!

When Massachusetts-based artist and animator Isaiah Stephens was contacted by Cosmopolitan to illustrate Disney princesses as moms and expecting moms, he knew he had a lot to live up to. After all, the only princess we ever saw have a kid was Ariel, and that movie wasn’t so great! What he came up with, however, makes me wish these were scenes from real Disney movies.

Sleeping Beauty is the kind of badass who would definitely have a home birth. I bet the Fairy Godmothers delivered!

These two are going to be some FIERCE parents. They’ll definitely bring honor to the family.

No one will complain about Belle breastfeeding in public with the Beast nearby.

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